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SERIC has built its reputation as well as the commercial success of its clients upon the following six core activities:

1. Strategic consulting

SERIC offers its 30 years of experience of the markets and business environments in Japan and Korea to adapt clients’ strategy to the market.

2. Representation of French and European companies

The representation of French or European groups and companies is one of SERIC's specialties and includes the following activities:

  • market analysis that identifies the different market segments and the potential partners,
  • preparation and organization of commercial and technical missions,
  • support in the relations and negotiations with Japanese or Korean clients and partners,
  • participation in the definition of strategic decisions,
  • business development, sales and local follow-up of clients’ products,
  • leverage from research & development, acquisition and transfer of licenses.
  • Management of the Japanese office / subsidiary.
3. Negotiation of partnerships

Developing industrial and commercial collaborations is one of SERIC's main activities today.

Over the past ten years, SERIC has negotiated and completed long-term agreements for many clients, particualrly in the automotive industry, such as:

  • technology transfer agreements,
  • joint-venture partnerships in Asia, Europe and the United States,
  • licensing agreements,
  • mergers or acquisitions.

To this end, SERIC offers the following services:

  • search of suitable local partners, based on information gathering and analysis,
  • advice on prospective partner selection,
  • negotiation of partnership agreements,
  • follow-up of partnership agreements.
4. Specific projects and studies

SERIC organizes business development missions in Japan and Korea for European companies wanting to make initial direct assessment of the market situation, prior to any longer term commitment. A first approach can also be initiated with specific market studies for a particular requirement.

5. Technology watch

The technology watch conducted by SERIC pursues two objectives:

  • monitor in real-time the evolutions of a specific field,
  • periodically gather this data in executive reports.

It relies on:

  • a network of individuals (industry managers, public and private research centres, government, industry associations, financial institutions, patent offices, etc.)
  • access to governmental information with restricted distribution,
  • research, analysis and summary of publications,
  • creation of technical and commercial databases,
  • research of specialized Japanese and Korean databases.
6. Business development in Japan and Korea

SERIC supports its clients in defining their market-entry strategy in the Asian region, taking into account the possible interactions and analyzing the potential of local production units as a base for regional deployment.

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